The Best Networking Advice I Could Ever Give You

I’m here to put the networking back into “social networking”. I’m obsessed with helping others grow and nurture their own networks.

The Best Networking Advice I Could Ever Give You
In my Owner article this month, I want to share the best networking advice I can give you. Before I do that though, I decided to ask members of my network (via Twitter) what their one piece of networking advice is. The tips were so good, I had to include them here.








I highly recommend you take a moment to follow all of the people above. Reading their replies made me pause to realize how lucky I am to be connected to such smart people.

My Best Advice

My best networking advice is to be honest and build your network before you need it. This means you need to tend to the people around you on a daily basis. Find ways to help them first, way before you ever ask for anything in return. Networking is a two-way street.

Not only does genuinely helping people grow your network, it makes you a respected, good person. Just look at the guy who started this magazine for inspiration. Help people first, folks.

Leave a comment with your best networking advice. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Jose Antonio Encuentra

    Great article Dave. Thanks for sharing. You are indeed surrounded by smart and nice people. All followed from now on.

    • Dave Delaney

      Good thinking. You may want to put them into a Twitter List. Here’s how:

      • Jose Antonio Encuentra

        I will do that. Thanks.

  • Billy Van Jura

    And of course your article takes your own advice. Nice!

    • Dave Delaney

      Thanks Billy.

  • Derek Coburn

    Good stuff, Dave! (As usual!)

    • Dave Delaney

      Thanks Derek. I appreciate it.

  • Mitch Jackson

    Enjoyed every word Dave. One might even advise to build a network without ever even expecting to ask anyone for anything. A pure “let me help and bring value to you” approach to connecting and building relationships. Good stuff and sharing this upcoming week!

    • Dave Delaney

      Yes, exactly Mitch!

  • Doug Stewart

    Dude. You crowd sourced your article. Nice!

  • Steve Woodruff

    Dave, I absolutely agree with your “build your network before you need it” advice. And I would add – build for the long haul. Interaction by interaction, person by person; kindness and real connection over time is the way to build a strong (not faux-numbers) network.

  • Ed Alexander

    Need I repeat the following bromide? Oh. Okay: “You’re either networking or not working”.