Blogging: The Master Class

Answer this question: are you where you want to be right now with your blogging?

You’re getting serious about your blogging. Maybe you’ve come to realize that you need a stronger presence on the web. Maybe you’re hoping to use blogging as part of your content marketing plan. You want to learn how to write better, be more effective with your goals, and you want to grow your audience. If you like learning effective methods for creating valuable content from a professional blogger (since 1998) and a New York Times bestselling author to boot, this might be the course you’ve been waiting for!

I’m here to help. We’ve had hundreds of students already experience the course and find their own value (testimonials below). But now it’s your turn. You want to learn about how blogging and content creation will help with your goals? That’s why we’re here.

Blogging:The Master Class is a 12 Week program dedicated to helping you improve your writing, create better content, find the time to get it all done, and more.

What We'll Cover


* Better writing structure.

* Media and content strategies.

* Habits and discipline.

* Success secrets.

* Audio, Video, and more.

* Interviews with experts.

* Getting more attention for your work.

* Making money (but not a bazilliondy bucks).

* And more along the way!

What Exactly Is Involved?

Want to peek at the syllabus? Every week, you'll get the next installment in this:

Course Syllabus

  • Welcome - BTMC00
  • Effective Peer Review and Accountability Buddies - BTMCB1
  • Your Blog as Home Base And Part of Your Media Empire - BTMC01
  • Setting Up Your Blog - BTMCB2
  • Time Quilting, Habits, and Discipline - BTMC02
  • Working from the Conversational Tone - BTMC03
  • A Crash Course in Magazine Building (as a concept for understanding your topic wheelhouse) - BTMC04
  • Your Editorial Calendar - BTMC05
  • Topic Hunting - BTMC06
  • A Few of My Favorite Blogs - BTMCB3
  • How to Conduct Great Interviews - BTMC07
  • Video, Audio, Photos, EBooks and More - BTMC08
  • Building Cornerstone Content - BTMC09
  • Series, Guest Posts, and Other Hacks - BTMC10
  • Making Money Via Blogging - BTMC11
  • Marketing for Bloggers - BTMCB4
  • Graduation - BTMC12

Are You Ready to Improve Your Blogging?

The average continuing education non-credit college course runs about $1500-2500 for material on a set topic, usually based on a textbook written any number of years ago, taught by someone reasonably versed in the subject.

I’m asking you to invest an hour a week with me for twelve weeks, for only $897. To make it easier, you can even pay in three easy payments of $299.

Join me. The lessons and ideas in this course come from my experience, from my work with clients and bloggers just like you, and from all kinds of testing around what would most help you succeed at improving your blogging results.

Welcome to the Blogging: the Master Class.


Not just a class, but a community.

Sometimes we don't realize how much we can learn. As an experienced speaker and writer, I thought "I'll sign up for Chris' Blog Topics Master Class just to see what it's all about." Chris Brogan exceeded my expectations. Chris provided not just a class, but a community that became an integral part of learning. I don't know how he stays so engaged and responsive. I sharpened my writing skills, gained better focus, and within months of the program became a regular blogger for the My content jumped up in the rankings in various publications. I had success in the past. Chris helped me deliver success consistently and intentionally. I now have sense of which articles will set the world on fire and why.

Ian Altman, Grow My Revenue

The Real Deal

Chris Brogan's courses are the real deal, they provide high quality practical advice with a Human touch,
I have taken many courses and Chris's training has helped me achieve more real results than any other.

Patrick Cumisky, Business Owner's Academy

Sharpening the Saw

I've never had a problem with writing. Blogging hasn't been something I've ever struggled with. But, like most things that come easily, I had blind spots.

As a Blog Topics Master Class student, I realized I had developed some pretty appalling habits when it came to writing.

Chris, with kindness and clarity, provided the perfect framework for me to see where I needed improvement and point me in the direction toward better blogging. A year after taking his course, I'm still referring to the homework assignments and calling on the support of the online community to keep my newfound skills sharp.

Leanne Stewart

You may be curious to know just how a "Master Class" can be delivered online. You may also be wondering "just how valuable can Chris Brogan's secret sauce be?" After all, it deals with "Blog Topics"... a trade that anyone with a keyboard and browser can eventually tackle. Right?

A wise person once said "the heart is the only master the mind will follow". We all know this to be true; but few of us can lay claim to mastery. Think of it… what sort of mettle is required of a teacher who offers to guide novices and veterans together through the fragile ego forest of a writing class? You can't just follow any old heart into that territory; it's a haunted mountain forest.

Believe this--- you can follow Chris there. Not the way you'd wait on an English professor to markup your drafts; more like the way you'd count on a sherpa to get you over a frozen mountain pass. Ok, you may have been on the mountain before, but that changes nothing. When the party sets out, you don't stop to ask whether your guide actually knows the way--- you're busy keeping pace. At night there's a campfire and a pot of tea, despite the howling wind. How the hell did he get that fire started in this wind?

Right now you can reach your hand down into a digital bucket and scoop out a hundred "tour guides" in the online teaching space. They can show you the maps, show you the gear, and chat you up a storm. As you grasp their brochures, they point to the sepia portraits of the summiters, hanging on the wall of the lodge. Now, scrape the frost off the window and peer out--- you'll see Chris, walking into the horizon with gusto, alongside a team of totally engaged, totally satisfied customers.

Get busy writing. Hire a sherpa and attach yourself to a climbing team. You may find that sherpa becoming a friend, and the summit arising where it always was, in the center of your heart.

Ajax Wooley, @ajaxwooley

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Questions People Tend to Ask Me and Related Answers


* Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re too busy one week, just work on the project the week after. It’s all go-at-your-own-pace enabled.

* Can I keep the material?

I sent it to your inbox. If you don’t hit delete, it’s yours.

* Will the group be in existence forever?

Well, it’s online. It’ll be alive as long as the platform is alive, and the group’s just part of the fun. The meat’s in the course.

* I don’t like groups.

Then don’t join the group.

* The group’s going too fast for me.

Don’t pay attention. The course is the meat.

* Do you offer any discounts?

If you didn’t receive a code, there is no code at this time. If you did, hey lucky you! You must really be loved and special.

* But I’m a poor student.

My website is free. Owner magazine is free. My podcast is free. All free. All for you!

* How much time will this take?

As much as you give it. 20 minutes per lesson minimum. More? Well, depends on how much you’d like to succeed. You could technically go to the gym for 20 minutes, too.

And if you have any other questions, hit reply. I’ll gladly answer whatever I can to help you make your decision.

One last thing: we offer a “some questions asked” money back guarantee. Thus, if this ends up being a bad fit for your needs, we’ll make good by you (some very limited restrictions apply – because someone once tried to return the course on the very last day). : )

Blogging: The Master Class

Only $897 or 3 Payments of $299