Performance Coaching with Rob Hatch


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Every person I have worked with comes to me with one primary goal; to be better at what they do. My personal mission is to improve the lives of individuals by providing the care, knowledge, skills and resources that help them achieve their goals.

My mind is a frenzy at the best of times. Rob listens patiently, sorts through my garbage, and helps me align my best ideas with what I’ve stated to be my goals. This is what the best coaches do: improve your own mastery.

–Chris Brogan, CEO, Owner Media Group Inc.

Whether you are:

  • working inside an organization
  • starting with a new organization
  • launching a new business
  • improving your business
  • early in your career
  • accomplished in your career
  • restarting
  • or simply interested in becoming a better leader of others or your own life

 Rob helps you draw on your strengths, focusing you on your goals, providing you with a window to look at the possibilities you never saw before. Rob has passion for others and utilizes effectively the human touch in all he does.

–Ron Hood, former Program Director, BBBS

As a leader of several businesses and organizations, my passion has always been to help others discover their strengths and bring them to bear on their own goals and the goals of the organization.

The way in which this happens is different for everyone, but is rooted in the belief and knowledge that you have found success in one form or another and can build a process of finding it again.

It’s not my system, it’s yours and we figure that out together.

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Our coaching sessions begin with:
  • Understanding “what” your goals are
  • Being clear about “why” 
  • Focusing on the “how” of accomplishing them and “Putting Success In Your Way”

People I have advised have found success in their past.  By anyone’s measure they are accomplished professionals. However, they are also looking to do more, to accomplish more, perhaps because they feel they are meant for a bigger stage or want to step out and try something entirely new.

They want to work with a coach to refine their methods, focus their efforts, and hold them accountable to the real work.

Issues we discuss vary, but are frequently in the areas of:

Personal and Professional Leadership


Personal Branding

Organizational Branding

Business Design

Organizational Management

Time Management

Personal/Life Management

The time and the goals are yours.

click_here2Schedule a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call

Rob is relentlessly gentle, the antithesis of an NFL coach, but the kind that helps me grow, pursuing your answers to your questions rather than offering his own direction. His assumption is that you already know the answers, or have them. Rob’s coaching suggests that he believes you lack the confidence to accept what you know, the discernment to see what you know, or the will to pursue what you know. And he helps with all three.

— Jon Swanson, Pastor, founder

How it works

Coaching calls are weekly, 3x per month with some email in between, because not everything happens on the call.

I have a limited number of coaching slots available, so please contact me today for a free exploratory phone call.

I look forward to working with you.

One of Rob’s skills as a listener is helping me to have confidence in my own ideas. He can stimulate great learning moments by listening to me, asking great questions and then serving up a helping of my own wisdom that I didn’t even know was there.

–John Grossman, Manager of Marketing and Sales, EcoBuilding Bargains

Rob Hatch is the President and Co-Founder of Owner Media Group Inc. He has over 20 years experience in leading organizations and businesses as both owner and executive director.

Rob is also a professional coach, trainer and speaker and works with individuals, companies and organizations to implement cultural and operational change that aligns with their goals and mission. He lives with his family in Maine.