Brave New Year

Do you make resolutions and goals at the beginning of the year, only to abandon them a few weeks in?



Quite often, we have good intentions. We face the end of one year by reflecting back on what worked and what didn’t. We take stock of our shortcomings and shake our heads and say, “I really need to change.” We give ourselves a huge, fat guilt sandwich. And then what happens? Usually, we go a few weeks, maybe a month, and then we get busy, get distracted, and we stop working on whatever we said at the beginning of the year was important.

Then what happens? Our guilt at letting everything fall off our priority list gets compounded on the guilt of years past. We get that horrible feeling of “once again” that you know so well. We then try to shake it off and promise ourselves that we’ll get back to it when we can.

I want to help you be a lot more successful with your vision and goals this year.

My name’s Chris Brogan and I’m the CEO of Owner Media Group. For years, I struggled with working on “resolutions,” only to sink into the same habitual breaking of paths and goals, over and over. But then I discovered what I was missing. Here are some of the questions you might be having that I can tell you were the same ones I had. It took me a while to figure out what was missing in my methods for planning for success and getting more out of my year.

* What makes you find ways to align your goals with your vision?
* How can you make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself?
* What’s a simple-but-effective way to frame the changes you want to make in the coming year?
* How many changes are too many?
* What if I have no support at home?

This is what we’re going to work on together. This is where things came off the rails before. You and I? We’ve got a plan this time.

The Brave New Year Program

Join me for an hour long video where I will talk through the following with you:

* Your larger vision (the bigger story of you).
* A vision is a story told in goals.
* What does Bravery have to do with it?
* The four parts of bravery.
* The “My Three Words” exercise.
* When you say “lose weight,” I say… (and many more of your goals).
* The Box and Frame method of goal work.
* The practice is the reward.
* Why willpower isn’t your problem.
* Put success in your way (stealing from Rob Hatch’s Work Like You’re On Vacation program).
* The three elements of effecting lasting change.
* Swapping out addictions and a caution.
* Feeding your brain success food.
* A huge reading list of resources.
* Support and community: your missing ingredient.

And that’s just what we’re covering in the video.

Thereafter, I’ll be sending you 8 weeks of information-packed emails, a few audio programs (I’m thinking two, but also might make it three), and of course, you’ll be part of a private online community, where you can discretely talk with others about your goals and intentions and what it’s going to take to get you over the line to success.

This will sound like sales/marketing talk, but I swear, it’s the truth!

I’m pricing this program at $97. I’ll tell you that this will be the least expensive that this program will ever be. I will be tripling the price of this program in a few months, once I build in even more resources. So, this isn’t a pressure sell. It’s the truth. You’re invited in at this introductory offer price because I believe that an hour of information like what I pointed out above plus eight weeks of information, audio programs, and a private support community is worth at least $97.

It’s your choice. If you want to make the coming year amazing and want to work on what I’ve listed above. Click this button (or just click here):


And if not, no pressure. You and I have many other challenges ahead. We’ll find whatever you need to succeed.

And thanks!




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