Write Your Book, Already

You’ve been “planning to write a book” for a while now. Often, time is what stops you. You can’t seem to find enough time to sit down and write. And when you do, you find yourself staring at the blank cursor. And yet, that book is in you. You want to get it out into the world and get it published.

Write Your Book Already is a 16 week course designed to equip you with a vision, a plan, and a community of support around your goal of writing and publishing a nonfiction book, led by a four-time published New York Times bestselling author, Chris Brogan, and built with your busy life in mind. Each lesson is delivered weekly via email and contains a blend of text, audio, and video to help deliver the material to you.

The time you’ll need to allot for this course is around 20-30 minutes a week, though you’ll be encouraged to write daily, so that will be a consideration as well.


If you’re looking to write and publish a nonfiction book, and have started and stalled a few times, this is for you. If you like learning from people who have actually succeeded in what they’re selling you, then look no further (I’m a New York Times bestselling author with five (and counting) published books, plus experience in both mainstream publishers and self-publishing). If you really can’t be at a certain place at a certain time to learn, it’s for you. We send the course lessons out via email and you can work on the homework when you have time. If you’re nervous about how much work load this adds to your busy life, it’s up to you. I want to encourage you to write a book, so we will be working. But it’s up to you. I can’t do the work for you.


The course starts when you purchase it. Some people have started a little earlier than you and others will start a little later than you. It’s all good. We believe in the “one room schoolhouse” approach of learning, where the “older” students can help the “newer” students along because they’ve experienced a little more of the course. You’ll love the experience. Most people do.

Once a week, you’ll receive an email from us and the subject lines will give you the lesson you’re working on. Here is the schedule:

* Welcome and Setup and Start Now! -WYBA00
* Finding Time to Write: Time Quilting -WYBA01
* A Recipe for Discipline -WYBA02
* Interview: Matt Holt, Publisher at Wiley -WYBA03
* Tools of the Trade -WYBA04
* Organizing Yourself to Write a Book -WYBA05
* Interview: Mitch Joel, Bestselling Author -WYBA06
* Build Your Writing Environment Anywhere -WYBA07
* Design your Book’s Intention -WYBA08
* What Scuttles Most Books 2/3 of the Way In -WYBA09
* Interview: Chris from Pleasure Mechanics, Successful Self-Published Author -WYBA10
* Editing and Proofreading -WYBA11
* Publishing: Mainstream, Self, and Beyond -WYBA12
* Marketing Your Book -WYBA13
* Interview: TBA(author or publisher) -WYBA14
* Building Business From Your Book -WYBA15
* Graduation and Beyond -WYBA16




You owe it to yourself to go through with your dreams and goals of publishing that book you’ve been thinking about and working on since who knows when. Do you think it was by mere happenstance that you clicked the link and decided to read this? Let’s work on it together. In fact, let’s build a community of supportive people, who can help with proofreading, who can help with encouragement, who can even be accountability buddies, if that’s what you need to succeed. There’s an entire group behind you. Now’s your time.



For a 16 week course, complete with video tutorials, audio prompts, weekly homework, interviews from established authors and publishers, and a community of support, your cost is $795 $497 (or three payments of $265 $165.66). Enter the Promo Code SUBSCRIBER (case sensitive).

That means, for about $50 $30 a week, also known as less than what you might pay for one dinner for one every week, you’ll have the support and ideas of a New York Times bestselling author, his established author and publisher friends and several fellow classmates on top of the 16 weeks of lessons, ideas, and plans of attack.
Are you ready?




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