Create and Follow a Daily Plan for Badassery

Daily Plan of Badassery | Owner Mag

For the last two months, Chaos ruled our home. But work didn’t stop or slow down because of it (as badly as I wanted it to, sometimes). Powering through a daily plan was the only option to achieve success.

Badass Routines

The only thing that helps get through the confusion, to get it all done, is routine. Getting up every morning at 4:30 am (even on school days when there’s quiet time to work), lets me work on business until the kids get up. Then, the day calls.

Once everyone’s out the door, it’s back to work. Midday means stop to do housework and cook. Once the kids come in from school, all bets are off until bedtime, when I’ll try to pick back up again (if my eyes’ll stay open).

But no matter what your life dictates, time is very limited. Routines are a key to accomplishing your own badassery and succeeding in business.

The more you make it a habit to schedule and format your days into sets of routines, the faster your “non-work” stuff goes, so you have more time for work stuff. All this stuff make sense?

  • Set up a morning routine, a work routine, an afternoon routine, and an evening routine and your days fall into compartments that restrict your time and force you to badass whatever you’re working on.

Know your life, your day, your rhythms and lay out your time accordingly.

Know Your Rhythms for Badassery

Schedule your day according to your highest energy levels, a trick I learned from Charlie Gilkey over at Productive Flourishing.

4:30am is a perfect time to write in silence, to plot and scheme my next moves without distraction. Maybe your time is 9:30pm. Whatever. So you make that your high performance time and use that mental energy to power through your tough tasks.

But more than just mornings, I also know that Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are my highest energy days.

Yep, Tuesday afternoon, I’m pretty useless and need the mundane to get me through Wednesday and Thursday. But then, Friday comes along and I’m preparing for the Garage Party and bracing for the weekend chaos.

  • Plan your high concentration tasks for your peak energy times and days. Don’t fight your brain and body’s natural rhythms.

Lower-level tasks can be scheduled during lower energy level times. Keep your bookkeeping and admin work for those times you just don’t have mental “oomf”.

Power Up Your Tasks

Power up by realigning your mind with your goals before you plan and execute steps to achieve them.

So often we sit down to do what we always do. And we get the results we always got.

But to guarantee forward-motion results, be aware of why you’re scheduling the activities you’re scheduling and how you’re going to execute them – for every aspect of your day.

Before starting said Routines, take a moment to gather your thoughts and focus your mind on your goals. Creative thinking time doing the dishes is fine and necessary, but if you’re crushed for time, you need to execute your plan and move on.

Focus, Grasshopper.

Being a badass owner means you know what has to be done before you do it, and you have a set time to get it done. Time restrictions and energy levels are not your arch-nemeses, they are your allies.

What badassery will you accomplish by scheduling your days with your body’s and life’s rhythms in mind?

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  • Mitch Jackson

    Tania- We all need “badass routines” right? Great tips and enjoyed the article. I like your suggestion about “executing steps” because that’s where too many people fail. Following your advice will help people EXECUTE their way to success. BTW, did you dictate the draft of this from the back of your Harley? The baddass attitude screams the influence of motorcycle zen :-)

    • Tania Dakka

      See? Always making me smile, Mitch :) You’re amazing :) Thank you for stopping by to comment! (PS I’m only DREAMING of my bike these days…maybe even those help :) ) Have an amazing rest of your week!

  • Michelle Barry Franco

    How I love to *plan* the badass routines. It’s sticking to them that’s my – heh, sticking point. Your description of chaos at home and still getting a bunch done because of your badass routines, though – that motivates me. If I had a 4:30am routine in place, these (non)snow days home from school this past week wouldn’t have derailed my productivity nearly as much. Feeling inspired by you, Dame Dakka.

    • Tania Dakka

      Yay! Glad to hear you found a bit to use here! That 4:30 start time is amazing! Can’t function without :) Thanks for sharing your frustration, Michelle!

  • wyatt christman

    Your words are your Harley Davidson riding the Internet Tania, being badass from start to finish. Routines, creative habits blended into life ensure you have air by the end of the day. Charles Darwig has a great book The Power of Habit that and his website make it easier to create habits or, get this hijack an existing habit you don’t like. Habits are amazing. Ok and I am about to buy your book, I didn’t know till now but will review. Going places is awesome, thanks for being badass!!

    • Tania Dakka

      Thanks, Wyatt! Loved the Power of Habit and soooo need to dig in to Duhigg and implement again. Thanks for the reminder and the encouraging words! Hope you find some inspiration in the book! 😀