Digital Business Mastery

Is This YOU?

"I’m interested in building out a digital presence for my business but have no idea where to start."

"I’ve got a website and I’m on the social networks, but nothing’s happening."

"I feel like I’m working twenty hours a day on all this and it’s not making me any real money to speak of."

"I need to get more business than I’m getting now."


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Digital Business Mastery

What would you be able to accomplish if you felt like your website was set up to better accept business opportunities? How would you work better knowing you’re using the right software and are spending your time in the right places? What would a solidly built digital presence mean to your prospecting and business opportunities? What if you had some guidance in how to construct offerings that resonated with your potential buyers? Would building out content marketing to help promote your work be of use to you? And how will you keep this all running?

Digital Business Mastery is for you.

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We'll Cover:

  • The best way to build from your goals into a system that works for you.
  • Methods to measure your success and not your shiny social score.
  • Consideration of all the current digital platforms and best choices for tools.
  • How best to sell along the digital channel.
  • Understanding if a sale isn’t your best next step (and what is).
  • Blogging, podcasting, video, and what you should or shouldn’t spend time doing
  • Email marketing: alive or dead? Worth it or not?
  • How to build a system to keep your projects running.

Not Just A Course

As with all my courses, you have access to me, Chris Brogan, plus I’ve put together a small private community of your classmates where you can seek other people’s answers to your questions, learn from peers, and overall expand your experience with the materials.

Delivered At Your Own Pace

This isn’t a time-bound experience. You don’t have to show up at 5pm on Tuesday or miss it all. You’ll receive each week’s lessons and be able to work on them when you want. Learning on demand. How novel!


Walking the Walk

Corporate training is expensive and often taught by folks who haven’t really done much of what the course covers themselves. Learn from someone (me!) who runs a small business, but who has spent his last several years working with everyone from a standalone solo professional to teams within companies like Microsoft, Google, Sony, Humana Health Care, Pepsico and more.

This Is Not “Get Rich Quick” Stuff

If you’re looking for “my amazing system that turns five minutes of work into millions,” you’ve got the wrong guy. You and I will be learning about the real work required to make real and lasting value. This has nothing to do with those “incredible power systems” some folks sell.

This information is built with the intention of being prescriptive and specific on next actions you will take for your specific kind of business.

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Want To Peek At The Syllabus?

Here’s what I’ll be sending you every week for lessons:

Week 0 - Welcome - to get you acquainted

Week 1 - Goals and Foundations

Week 2 - Select the Right Tools and Platform

Week 3 - Configure your Presence

Week 4 - Build Your Offerings

Week 5 - Content Marketing

Week 6 - Work the System

Week 7 - Graduation - when you’re all through the projects

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