Go Coach Yourself!

Build Discipline, Prioritize What Matters, and Stay Committed to your Goals

Are you tired of setting goals, only to fall short time after time? Do you get frustrated that your efforts to remain consistent seem to fall apart? Do you struggle to prioritize because EVERYTHING seems important?

Learning how to coach yourself through challenges is important, but you need someone to  coach you every day.


Go Coach Yourself! is course I've developed after years of working with coaching clients, helping them find focus, and achieve their goals. My personal approach to coaching has always been to help my clients gain the skills to sustain their efforts. This course is a culmination of that work and I want to share it with you.

What we cover in Go Coach Yourself! will help you understand what it takes to clear away the clutter of distractions, learn how to manage them, prioritize what matters, and commit to doing the most important things in your personal and professional life, every day.  

Combine this with a robust private group experience, plus access to ask your own specific questions and get guidance, and you will find your success.


Whether your goals are personal or professional, whether you are an employee inside someone else’s organization or if you’re the owner of the company (small or large), you’ll find the methodology relevant and timeless. You need guidance, the course is the first step and then, you're the guide. Still not sure? If you answer yes to any three of the following, it’s for you:

  • I know I'm smart and capable, I just can't seem to get out of my own way.
  • I need better systems and ideas in place to get me further along.
  • I know I have the potential for a something much bigger, I just can't see past what's right in front of me.
  • I’m not happy with the level of success I’ve reached so far in life.
  • I learn well when given useful information and when encouraged to participate.
  • I like actionable information more than “you can do it” gee whiz statements.
  • I'm tired of chasing down the next big idea. I want to start doing.
  • I want to choose my own adventure.
  • I prefer to go beyond personal development and into personal leadership.

Sound like you?


This course is designed to get you working on your goals and taking action right away. Over the eight weeks of lessons, we will get to the heart of what really matters to you, how to identify and prioritize the most important actions in your day, and develop skills to block out distractions and keep you focused for the long haul But let’s not get too far ahead. Here’s the syllabus:

  • Welcome - GCY00
  • What Are You REALLY Hoping to Accomplish? - GCY01
  • Clear the Decks - GCY02
  • Focus Framework - GCY03
  • Check Up! - GCY03.5
  • Asking the Right Questions, Always - GCY04
  • Your Day is Your Week, is Your Month, is Your Year - GCY05
  • Check Up! - GCY05.5
  • Rituals are Required - GCY06
  • Coaching Yourself Back - GCY07
  • Graduation (Sustainability) - GCY08


If you've ever had a coach or considered a coaching relationship, you know that coaches ask a few things from you; time and effort.

At the beginning of any coaching relationship, the best coaches want to make sure that you are committed to the outcomes you are looking for. This course is no different. I NEED you to invest time and effort into the materials if this is really going to work for you.

Each week you will receive a new lesson in your inbox that will help you develop your own coaching skills, suited to your individual needs and efforts. Over the eight weeks you will develop new skills, learn new techniques, and leave with an understanding for not only what it takes to stay focused, but also to find your way back when you falter.

Let's face it, we all falter from time to time. We may even find our way back on track. Go Coach Yourself! will help you recognize this sooner and enable you to find your way back easier and more efficiently.

I'd love to have you join me on this journey. For less than what it costs to speak with me for an hour, you'll gain insight and knowledge I usually share with my clients. PLUS you have access to a great group and can email me to ask questions.


Join me for Go Coach Yourself!. This is the best work I’ve ever done in service of you. It’s my goal to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you achieve YOUR goals. Come be part of this and let me help you develop the skills you need to go beyond setting goals to setting the right goals...and sticking to them.


Only $397

Questions People Tend to Ask Me and Related Answers


* Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re too busy one week, just work on the project the week after. It’s all go-at-your-own-pace enabled.

* Can I keep the material?

I sent it to your inbox. If you don’t hit delete, it’s yours.

* Will the group be in existence forever?

Well, it’s online. It’ll be alive as long as the platform is alive, and the group’s just part of the fun. The meat’s in the course.

* I don’t like groups.

Then don’t join the group.

* The group’s going too fast for me.

Don’t pay attention. The course is the meat.

* Do you offer any discounts?

If you didn’t receive a code, there is no code at this time. If you did, hey lucky you! You must really be loved and special.

* But I’m a poor student.

My website is free. Owner magazine is free. My podcast is free. All free. All for you!

* How much time will this take?

As much as you give it. 20 minutes per lesson minimum. More? Well, depends on how much you’d like to succeed. You could technically go to the gym for 20 minutes, too.

And if you have any other questions, hit reply. I’ll gladly answer whatever I can to help you make your decision.

One last thing: we offer a “some questions asked” money back guarantee. Thus, if this ends up being a bad fit for your needs, we’ll make good by you (some very limited restrictions apply – because someone once tried to return the course on the very last day). : )


ONLY $397