Does The Worry Monster Keep You Up At Night?

Does The Worry Monster Keep You Up At Night?As the owner of a small business I often get the proverbial question, “What keeps you up at night?”

It’s a cliché for sure, but you know what they say about clichés? They’re clichés for a reason.

It’s actually a pertinent question. As an owner, if you’re not “keeping yourself up at night” about something than you may need to adjust your thinking a bit.

Worry is a good thing. Worry keeps you focused. Worry keeps you in the game.

“Good” worry, that is.

In all the years I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve come to realize that the moment I stopped worrying was the moment I got complacent, and then, inevitably, my competition began to catch up to me, and my success began to dwindle.

Case in point: in 2007 I was riding high as two of my online businesses were earning me more than I could imagine. I got really comfortable riding this wave of success, and inevitably, I started slacking, and not looking forward as I had done before, and relaxing my mission and work ethic.

That’s how I found myself a year or so later not leading anymore, but following my competition.

Never again.

So what keeps you up at night? What ugly monster is hiding under your bed, ready to spring itself upon you and devour your profits? Don’t have one of these yet? Then it’s time to get one. Otherwise you might find yourself with a different kind of nightmare… a business that is following, not leading.

Please leave your biggest worry in the comments below.

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  • Mitch Jackson

    Jim- Been there done that :-) Most businesses are like relationships. When we stop worrying about making things better or trying to improve a good situation to a great situation then things normally start to sour. Enjoyed your points!

    • Jim Kukral

      Thanks for stopping by Mitch.

  • Paul O’Mahony


    That’s powerful : “Worry is a good thing. Worry keeps you focused. Worry keeps you in the game.”

    You remind me of the greatest ever Irish woman comedian: Maureen Potter. She used throw up before every stage performance. I found that shocking when I heard it first: “How could someone as good as her worry about yet another performance?”
    Then I looked inwards. I noticed that I was at my best when I felt nervous before performing. That “oh shit, this could go horribly wrong” feeling kept me awake – taking nothing for granted. These days I worry when I’m not on edge before going out to speak. If I don’t feel the nerves, I’m about to be ambushed – “overtaken by the competition” as you might say.

    • Jim Kukral

      I can’t imagine throwing up before every big moment. But I get it. :)