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What is Owner Magazine?

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Owner is a digital magazine dedicated to helping you develop your capabilities as an owner. What do you own? You might simply own your choices. You might be the owner of your cubicle at work. Or you might own the responsibility for 30 other employees. Maybe you own a company and it’s a company of one (for now). But at your heart, you’re an owner. No one decides whether you’re an owner or not – no one besides yourself. It’s a choice. It’s a definition that you have to seize for yourself. Are you an owner?

But what do we mean by that?

What Is An Owner?

An Owner works constantly on the following:

Core – our responsibility, our self, our dreams and goals going beyond our thoughts and into the world.
Structure Рwithout structure, there’s no way for our core to be expressed.
Communication – we need to express ourselves, to share, to report, and to create (first thoughts, then words, then deeper communication and understanding.)
Capabilities – we work daily to expand our capabilities (personally, professionally, through our network).
Opportunities – we train our eye to see opportunities, and we train our hearts to help others find their way to theirs.
Community – we work from the mindset that we serve our family, friends, our allies, and those who give us their attention.
Worth – we strive to expand our worth and the worth of those around us, in as many facets as that word evokes.
Growth – we grow ourselves, our community, our circle, and all we can help in some way.

Is This a Business Magazine?

Yes, Owner is a digital magazine (and newsletter and podcast and events) all dedicated to helping you grow professionally. Does it apply to the business of living your own life? Absolutely! Will it contain news about which stocks are trading at what levels this week? No. Not, really. Other sources do that well. It’s a magazine built to cover the groundwork and the guts and brains and hearts required to run a successful business, even if that business is just you and your accountant, and even if you’re an employee at a 10,000 person corporation.

What Can I Expect?

At this point, we’re writing for you. What do you want? We’re talking about the guts behind business. Launching, and habits and community (lots on that), and worth, and all these concepts that we believe will help you with work and life and beyond. You can expect this: heart. You can expect this: stories written by smart people who care about you and your success.

And beyond that, here’s to what YOU will make Owner, because we intend to report just as much about you and your great work as we will the other topics that matter to us.

What the Heck is a Monchu?

The word “Monchu” is an Okinawan word that means “one family” or sometimes “extended family” or sometimes “the family we choose.” What the definition tends to mean from all who talk about it is this: people you like and care about as much as you are supposed to care about your flesh and blood family. We use it to mean something much more valuable than a network connection and yet clearly not our uncle or aunt.

In the context of Owner, we talk about YOU as being part of our Monchu, as being part of a larger “inside” or “inner circle,” such that the people we connect with via Owner will eventually spread far and wide across the globe, and offer value to others in the Monchu as it develops.

Have you ever had that “Cheers” feeling with a restaurant or place, such that they know your order, know what you like, make you feel special in some way? At the heart of what we want to convey with Monchu is that sense of helping keep your most important people feeling most important. There’ll be more on this, but that’s the concept.