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Owner Media Group is a Media and Publishing Company

Chris BroganWelcome to Owner Media Group (OMG for short)! Our primary business is the publication of Owner Magazine, dedicated to help you grow your business, and BossFit Magazine, fitness & health for business professionals. These are digital magazines distributed via the web. There’s no special app required. Your mobile, tablet, or desktop web browser is all you need. And we are 100% eco friendly. Founded by Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch, we are a mostly virtual company incorporated in Massachusetts, with offices in Maine as well. Bossfit magazine is co-founded by Jacqueline Carly

Our mindset with all our publications and work follows this very simple model: content, community, marketplace. Deliver really useful content. Develop a strong and interactive community. Offer a relevant and pertinent marketplace to the members of that community.

Masters of the Digital Channel

A modern publication is no longer just the home base of the magazine. At Owner Media Group, we have a multi-platform distribution mindset. We have our magazines, Owner and BossFit, and we also have a robust email newsletter (over 60K subscribers and growing), a strong Twitter distribution (over 265K followers), Google+ (110K followers), and we are relaunching our podcast, The Owner’s Mind, as well as building up our video offerings.

Services and Offerings

Our primary business are serving owners, people who choose to own their lives, from their personal choices to their seat at the table, to their businesses and eventually their futures. That’s our big dedication. Our community comes first.

As part of this, we work hard to partner with companies who offer products and services that will enhance our owners’ lives and help them either grow their business (in the case of Owner magazine) or train for their life (for BossFit). We work with partners and sponsors in a variety of ways:

  • Single-line advertisements in our newsletter.
  • Sponsored post placements in either magazine.
  • Sponsored webinars or video assets.
  • Special live event projects (for your event or branded events).
  • Live event sponsorships (for our events).
  • Distribution partnerships (getting Owner or BossFit into the hands of your organization and helping them better utilize it).
  • Professional speaking – not only Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, and Jacqueline Carly, but we have over 50 Owner and BossFit authors with different areas of expertise and price points.
  • We are also affiliate marketers for some products and services that we vouch for and strongly recommend to our owners.
  • Private and group coaching.
  • And more. We are creative about our interactions!

If you find this interesting, please consider contacting us or you can email Rob Hatch directly : rob @ ownermag . com

Courses and Publications

We also have created several courses to help owners with various aspects of their business (and soon, we’ll be offering health and fitness courses), and for those areas where we aren’t the in-house experts, we have partnered with very smart people who offer courses we vouch for and strongly recommend.

To learn more about our courses, click here.

Founders and Owners

chris300 rob headshotbw jacq300

Owner Media Group is run by Chris Brogan, serving as CEO and Publisher, and Rob Hatch, serving as President. Chris and Rob have been friends since the eighth grade. Chris’s background is in new media of all kinds. He is a New York Times bestselling author of seven books (and counting) and a professional speaker. He has consulted and/or spoken with companies like Google, Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Pepsico, GM, Panasonic, Coldwell Banker, and many more. Rob comes from an entrepreneurial past, though when Chris “stole” him from his previous role, he was running a very successful nonprofit dealing with children’s health and care management. Both fledgling athletes, Chris is on a personal transformation quest and Rob races in triathlons, now that he’s semi-retired from the ancient Gaelic sport of hurling. We have been in business together since 2010 in one form or another. You can find Chris on Twitter as @chrisbrogan or on Instagram as nothinglost. Rob is @robhatch in both places.

BossFit is co-founded by Jacqueline Carly (aka Jacq), who also serves as editor-in-chief. She is a MindBody Medicine Scientist, entrepreneur, and athlete. A self-proclaimed bibliophile, nerd & research addict, she’s spent her life-time studying the inner and outer workings of the body & mind.Her work as a mentor, coach and health advocate through her popular site and TV show, Fitarella, on the Pulse Network, inspired thousands to rekindle their inner fire through whole foods, conscious movement, and holistic living.She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Leadership, a Masters in Nutrition, and is currently completing a PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology. She holds multiple certifications in fitness, personal training, yoga, and CrossFit endurance, because she’s a certification junky. She speaks spanish and portuguese, sings Sanskrit chants & opera, and was once a flight attendant. Connect with Jacq on twitter @jcqly or her latest addiction, Instagram: @jcqly.

Our Mission

Our mission at Owner magazine is to grow your capabilities and connections. Our mission at Bossfit magazine is to help you train for your life. All that we do is built around the idea that a community of like-minded individuals strongly committed to their own growth and development (what we call the Owner’s Mind), is the key to a bright future.

Formerly Human Business Works

Owner Media Group is a newly formed corporate entity. It has technically acquired Human Business Works, LLC. The mindset behind both companies has been the same all along, but we’ve built this corporation to be better positioned to serve our community and help our partners. Beyond that, it was just a bunch of legal stuff that makes me sleepy so I refuse to write about it. This corp or that corp or whatever corp, it’s Chris, Rob, Jacq, and the people we work with to support our growth.

To the Future

So glad you’re here, and thrilled that you’re interested in learning about Owner Media Group. At OMG, we’re a friendly bunch. Never hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help.