You're looking for something beyond simple social media tools and tactics. You want to improve all aspects of your digital business to improve your reach, establish trust, and earn influence. And you need something much more tangible than theory. You need an action plan to help you save time, improve your efforts, and deliver business value you can measure.

Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery is an eight week program delivered at your own pace via email (with some video and audio components), with an actionable lesson plan dedicated to helping you improve all aspects of your digital business as they relate to social media. Learn from Chris Brogan, a business strategist, digital marketer, and advisor to some of the largest and smallest brands in the world.

What The Course Entails

Want to peek at the Syllabus?

  • Welcome - SMM00
  • The Ever Shifting Landscape of Social - SMM01
  • The Role of a Social Media Manager - SMM02
  • Social Media and Digital Business - SMM03
  • How to Grow Reach Online - SMM04
  • How to Build Influence Online - SMM05
  • Translating Offline to Online and Back - SMM06
  • Content Distribution Strategies - SMM07
  • Mobile Social Media Mastery - SMM08
  • Battle Plans - SMM09
  • Graduation - SMM10

Does that sound like something you want to explore?

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This Ties Into Our “Beyond Social Media” Series of Digital Business Courses

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Is This Course Right For You?

The goal of Social Media Mastery is to give you a “now go do this” level of action for your business.

This will work for you if you’re an employee in the marketing department (get the bosses to pay for it), or if you’re the only person calling the shots (make the course pay for itself).

You may or may not have specific regulations for your industry, and if so, you probably know a lot of those regulations already. This course will work in most cases across a wide variety of industries, including those which are highly regulated. I’ve done work in the past with many industries including financial, legal, health care, and education. Yes, they’re all tricky. Yes, this works for those industries (sometimes with a little bit of tweaking).


The course costs $597 USD, but we offer a “three easy payments of $199″ option, as well. Invest in your success. Turn this course into proven business value for YOU!

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