What the Heck is a Monchu?

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Monchu is used a lot around here. What’s that mean? I’m glad you asked.

The word “Monchu” is an Okinawan word that means “one family” or sometimes “extended family” or sometimes “the family we choose.” What the definition tends to mean from all who talk about it is this: people you like and care about as much as you are supposed to care about your flesh and blood family. We use it to mean something much more valuable than a network connection and yet clearly not our uncle or aunt.

In the context of Owner, we talk about YOU as being part of our Monchu, as being part of a larger “inside” or “inner circle,” such that the people we connect with via Owner will eventually spread far and wide across the globe, and offer value to others in the Monchu as it develops.

Have you ever had that “Cheers” feeling with a restaurant or place, such that they know your order, know what you like, make you feel special in some way? At the heart of what we want to convey with Monchu is that sense of helping keep your most important people feeling most important. There’ll be more on this, but that’s the concept.

The reason it’s interesting is basic and simple. We do a horrible job of staying in contact with the people we say matter to us. From our best customers to our best vendors to our family-that’s-not-family. Our goal at Owner, amongst others, is to help you unlock the value of the Monchu and to do better at your goal of building better business relationships.

Make sense?

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  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    Monchu sounds delicious.

    • Donna Stewart

      Chris, any ideas for nurturing that ‘moncho” in a virtual company. You are doing it right now, throught chat, but any other ideas? (There’s an article topic, right there by the way.) One friend/supervisor of virtual staff says he picks up the phone, every day and connects with each and every one of them. Think I”d make that a Skype call, and have an open chat line at all times. Any other ideas for getting that monchu happening? I’m thinking daily, frequenty communication, and maybe even the virtual TGIF.

  • http://www.donnamaria.com/ Donna Maria Coles Johnson

    Please pass the Monchu.

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  • http://www.lucaleonardini.com/en Luca Leonardini

    Monchu feeling!

  • Eric Grimaldi

    Thank you for the contents you share, it helps a lot.

  • http://PersuasiveConcepts.com/ David Johnson

    Beautiful thought Chris. I really like the idea and the feelings that invokes. I’m going to share this with my team as a way to embrace our own clients.

  • tishpiper

    I am in. The sense of belonging is priceless.

  • Whizardly

    I remember an author, John Bradshaw, speaking about how many people’s identities are determined by their relation to you. For example, I am smarter than Joe. Bill weighs more than I do. I make more than Sally.

    These people may really love and care for you, but they really don’t want you to change, for better or worse. If you change, it changes that part of their identity that that is based on their relationship to you.

    We should all strive to continue to expand the people who matter to us so we are surrounded by people who have higher expectations of us. I’ve never had a word for this and now I do. Monchu. Thanks Chris.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      That’s quite interesting. Always by way of relationship. I can see how that might be tricky when the other person keeps changing, though.

  • Catherine Just

    Yes! I’m reading this while working out because of people like you and Jacq whom I consider part of my Monchu already.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      See that? Magic. : )

  • dCôté

    Totally makes sense! Cheers Monchu!!

  • lucrecer

    Monchu just makes you feel good.

  • Petunia Thulo

    I feel monchu already – thanks for a warm welcome.

  • http://www.ryankparker.com/ Ryan K. Parker

    From Monkeys to Monchu! I am excited about Owner, and it’s little baby offspring to come… The Podcast? (ominous music break) I even gave you a little shout out in my very own secret part as an honor to the HB podcast.

    Holy macaroni the articles have been great so far…
    take care Monchu(s)

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      So super glad that you’re here! : ) And thank you for that, Ryan!

      • http://www.ryankparker.com/ Ryan K. Parker

        You’ve always been straight forward with me in our conversations. Offering a swift kick in the jeans when needed. I totally respect that.
        You’ve introduced me to so many new ideas, and people through your writing and podcasts. So I give thanks.

        • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

          Seems like a better way to be, straightforward. : )

  • Susan

    Thank you for this article. I volunteer with an Asian non-profit and we are struggling with “monchu” among the board members and our membership. I will certainly use this in our board meeting next week.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Very happy to help. It might even help that Monchu is from Okinawa. Or not. :)

  • Jim Munchbach

    Social Business is Monchu Business – #MunchMac in Houston, Texas http://thesocialbusinesspodcast.com/podcast/social-business-is-family-business/

  • Sean Kelley


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